About The Innkeeper

Deb Henson owns and operates The Pomeroy Inn and also lives in on site. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Lawyer. Deb has recently moved to New England to be closer to her adult kids, who live in New York City and Boston.

As a lawyer, Deb defends and consults with mental health professionals in licensing board Complaints and ethics matters in Colorado and Louisiana, and serves as an expert witness for mental health litigation around the country. As a LCSW, Deb has maintained a clinical practice over the years in New Orleans, Denver, and Austin when living in those cities and may become licensed to offer psychotherapy in the Northampton area at some point in the future.

Deb always wanted to open a Bed & Breakfast in a stately, antique home. The current site – The Pomeroy Inn – has been perfect for such an adventure; Deb opened to guests in May 2018 after receiving approval from the City of Northampton in the form of a Special Permit to operate her home as a Bed & Breakfast.

She offers a light breakfast (e.g., muffins, pumpkin or banana bread, etc.) along with fresh fruit. Of course, having spent much of her adult life in New Orleans, good coffee is also mandatory!

Deb grew up with the Beatles and decided to use them as a theme for her guest rooms. Enjoy artwork from New Orleans Jazz Fest that includes Beatles and other British artists from the 60s and 70s as you roam through the 4500 square foot home built in 1868. Deb has lived mostly in New Orleans since the late 1970s and still visits there frequently for business and personal activities, so you will see a great deal of New Orleans in her current home.

You will enjoy the ambience of The Pomeroy Inn. Deb will make sure your stay is a pleasant and comfortable one, with whatever level of interaction you prefer; that is, Deb works from home so is often around to give guests recommendations and exchange pleasantries regarding your visit, or just check you in and say goodbye when you leave – whatever you prefer.

Deb has a young golden retriever, Joey, who hangs with her wherever she goes (he especially loves their walks downtown and to the library), and three rescue cats, who rule the house!! Although Joey, Pickles, Bella and Wolfie roam around the house, they are not allowed to visit the guest hallway or guest rooms at any time in case some guests may have pet allergies.

Come visit!!

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